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At Golden Gate University, we believe that the core skills essential to passing the bar exam are many of the same skills required to be successful in law school and in the practice of law. Students who acquire these skills early in their legal education and continually hone these skills during law school will undoubtedly perform at a much higher level in law school, on the bar exam, and in practice. To achieve this end, we offer students a pathway to success that begins from their first day of law school to the day they take the bar exam.


Legal Literacy (Active Learning & Reading)

The ability to concentrate, read and listen closely, note relevant details, and understand the key points or legal significance in readings or discussion.

 Self-Reliance / Self-Monitoring

The ability, with initial guidance and support from professors, to assess one's own preparation and performance and identify areas for improvement. To possess the confidence in one's own ability to pick up any topic of law and learn it.


The ability to take a large amount of information consisting of reading material, class notes, and other course-related material, and distill it down to an analytical framework or "roadmap" of reasonable length.

Analysis through Practice

The ability to perform thorough legal analysis (i.e. applying facts to law while examining alternative arguments) with the use of IRAC through repetition and practice.


A complete description of GGU's exam policies and procedures can be found in the Online Student Handbook under "Examination Procedures."

Exam-related forms are available on the Forms Page.

Students with exam-related inquiries (regarding the rescheduling of exams, ExamSoft procedures, graded exam return, etc.) should contact the exam coordinator at


Golden Gate University School of Law strives to ensure the success of every student. Academic Achievement supports all students at the Law School by helping to improve their academic performance and skills. The department advises students, provides skills workshops, and runs the Foundations of Law program for all first-year law students.


GGU has services designed to provide you with everything you need to know about the bar exam so that you will be as prepared as possible to sit for one of the most important exams in your life.


Law Student Support provides academic advisors to assist students at any time during the school year.

Students who wish to set up an appointment should call 415-442-6615.

Law Student Support advisors are also available to meet with students about personal issues that may affect their law school performance and may provide referrals for long term counseling and other support services. GGU's Wellness Resources provides confidential counseling for individuals, couples, and groups.


Commonly used policies and forms for GGU Law students:

Students should consult the Student Handbook for a more comprehensive list of policies that apply to them.