Career Development: For Employers

Whether you are looking for a law student to help with legal research or an attorney with significant trial experience, Golden Gate University School of Law can help you reach the ideal candidate.


"We have been very pleased with the variety, caliber, and abilities of summer clerk candidates from Golden Gate Law and consider Golden Gate clerks and lawyers an integral part of our continued success."
-- Jesshill E. Love, III, Partner, Real Estate Chair, Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley
"We were excited to hire a recent Golden Gate Law graduate out of a very competitive field of candidates. He brings life experience that will help him communicate easily with clients, adversaries, and jurors in the courtroom. This feature is typical of the Golden Gate Law graduates we encounter and makes them attractive to offices such as ours."
-- Molly O'Neal, Chief Public Defender, Santa Clara County


GGU's Fall and Spring Recruitment Programs are a great way to plan ahead and recruit first and second-year law students for summer positions or hire graduating students for temporary post-bar clerkships or permanent attorney positions. Employers can either interview students at GGU during a pre-arranged block of time (On-CampusInterviews) or at their office (Application Collect). Either way, there is no charge to employers to participate in the program, and employers have complete control over which students they end up interviewing.



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If you are seeking a law student or graduate, consider posting a position on GL. Thousands of employers from around the country are linked into GL to discover talent from Golden Gate University.

Benefits of posting your position on GradLeaders:

  • Posting is free
  • Thousands of qualified candidates have access to your posting
  • You control the content and duration of the posting
  • You can pre-screen 100% of the applicants

Employers are encouraged to use their free GradLeader account to participate in student and graduate recruitment. ONLINE LINK to register your account. Forgot your login information?Email OCS.


GGU students are available to work during the fall, spring, and/or summer terms through various academic programs:



Fall Recruitment is a program through which employers review resumes in the fall preceding the following summer. Spring Recruitment is a program through which employers review resumes in the spring for internships that summer, and permanent positions for graduates. For either program, there are two ways for employers to participate: On-Campus Interviews or Application Collect Service.

Seasonal recruitment is a popular way for law students to find positions for the upcoming summer. Some of the benefits of participating include:

  • Participation is free.
  • Increased visibility of your position.
  • You control the content of the posting.
  • You pre-screen 100% of the applicants.
  • You receive all applications at one time.

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