Bar Exam Services

Golden Gate University strives to provide students with everything they need to prepare for the Bar Exam. Through our partnership with Themis Bar Review, GGU offers students no-cost bar preparatory materials from the moment they enter to the time they graduate.



Although it may seem complicated, there are just three steps in applying to take the bar exam in California:

  1. In your first semester - register with the State Bar as a law student.
  2. Anytime in your last year - complete and file your Moral Character application.
  3. In your last semester - complete and file the application to take the bar exam.

For general information on the California bar exam, go to the State Bar's Website.

For those taking the bar exam using a laptop, go to the ExamSoft Website for more information.


Testing Accommodations

If you are receiving accommodations in law school, you should apply for accommodations on the bar exam as soon as possible. A good time is at the beginning of your second year.

State Bar Testing Accommodations



Also, after taking a class in Professional Responsibility, you should apply to take the MPRE.

National Conference of Bar Examiners



For students planning on taking the bar exam in another jurisdiction, further information may be found here:

Bar Admission Offices


I'm just starting law school, why do I need to think about admission to the bar now?

Each state has its own requirements for licensure. It is important to know these early so you are ready when you finish law school. Requirements can change at any time. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO STAY INFORMED!

For complete information about admission to the State Bar of California visit their website. If you intend to practice elsewhere, the National Conference of Bar Examiners website lists each state's requirements and contact information for each state's bar examiners.


Is there anything I have to do RIGHT NOW?

Law students who intend to practice in California must register with the Bar within 90 days of starting law school. Although there is no penalty for late registration, the fee ($119 as of July 2018) typically increases each year, so it is best to register early. Keep a record of the registration number you are issued as you must use it on all subsequent communication with the Bar.


Do I have to take the First Year Law Students Exam offered by the California Bar?

No. Students studying at ABA-approved law schools like Golden Gate University School of Law are not required to take the FYLSE.


What else will I need to do for licensure?

California requirements currently include the following:

  • Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)
    This two-hour multiple-choice exam is offered each year in March/April, August, and November, and tests your knowledge of lawyers' professional conduct rules and standards. This exam is required in almost every jurisdiction, but the minimum score required varies from state to state. GGU students often take this exam concurrently with or soon after taking our Professional Responsibility course. We recommend taking the MPRE by your second to last law school term. More Information. ($95 as of July 2018)
  • Moral Character Application
    Each applicant's history is evaluated to ensure that members possess good moral character. As part of this process, you will provide information regarding your schooling, employment, and residential history. Background checks will be conducted, and your previous employers, schools, and others will be contacted. The Bar may take a minimum of six months to process and approve applications and recommends filing the application between 8 to 10 months prior to your intended admission. More Information. ($551 as of July 2018)
  • Live Scan Fingerprinting
    You must submit Live Scan fingerprints in conjunction with filing your Moral Character Application. GGU hosts Live Scan fingerprinting vendors on campus each fall and spring semester. Additional Vendors. (Fees vary)
  • Bar Examination
    The California Bar Exam is administered each February and July. May graduates typically take the exam in July; December graduates in February. The exam spans 2 days and consists of 5 essay questions, 200 multiple choice questions, and 1 performance test. ($677 + $153 for laptop use as of July 2018).

*For more information on exam structure and grading details: California Bar Exam website.

To learn how GGU can help you prepare for the bar exam, contact Rana Boujaoude, Associate Professor of Law & Director of Bar Services at

Note: Students with disabilities must apply well in advance for accommodations on the MPRE and/or bar exam. Receiving accommodations as an undergrad or law student does not guarantee accommodations for the MPRE or bar exam. Contact the Assistant Director for Disability Services ( for further information.




  • Morning: 3 one-hour essays
  • Afternoon: 2 one-hour essays and 1 ninety-minute performance test


  • Morning: 100 multiple choice questions, 3 hours
  • Afternoon: 100 multiple choice questions, 3 hours


The written and MBE portions of the exam are weighted at 50% each. The minimum passing score is 1440.



Scope of the California Bar Exam


  • Business Associations
  • Civil Procedure (Federal and California)
  • Community Property
  • Contracts/Sales
  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Evidence (Federal and California)
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Real Property
  • Remedies
  • Torts
  • Wills and Trusts


  • Civil Procedure-25 questions
  • Contracts-25 questions
  • Torts-25 questions
  • Constitutional Law-25 questions
  • Criminal Law and Procedures-25 questions
  • Evidence-25 questions
  • Real Property-25 questions
  • Experimental Unscored-25 questions

The MBE subjects may also be tested on the essay portion of the exam.

MBE Subject Matter Outline



GGU School of Law has partnered with Themis Bar Review to provide students with additional tools and support for both law school and bar exam success.



During the fall semester of the third year of law school, students take Practical Legal Writing, which gives students approaches for tackling the Performance Test Portion of the Bar Exam. Students write out multiple performance tests under exam type conditions and learn to self-assess ability to read, outline, and write the 90-minute performance test within time constraints.

During the spring semester of the third year of law school, students take Early Bar Preparation, which is a homework intensive course designed to orient students to the rigor of a bar review course. Students watch substantive law lectures, write practice essays, and take multiple choice tests to learn how to adequately memorize and apply the law for all 8 of the Multi-State subjects. Substantive law and homework is reviewed in class, and additional practice questions are provided in class. Students learn to self-assess their ability to watch the videos for content, their essay writing techniques, and multiple choice techniques.



Prior to graduation, each GGU graduate is partnered with a faculty member to serve as their mentor during the bar review period. This faculty member is available to work 1-1 with the graduate and help support them as they study for the bar exam.


Individual Tutoring

GGU School of Law graduates studying for the bar exam may meet with Bar Services and Academic Support staff one-on-one to review bar exam essays submitted for grading, practice performance tests submitted for grading, and for general advice on how to prepare and study for the bar exam.


GGU Bar Services Essay Feedback Program:

GGU School of Law graduates studying for the Bar Exam may also submit specific essays in subjects including torts, contracts, real property, evidence, criminal law and procedure, civil procedure, and constitutional law, and one 90-minute MPT for anonymous grading.


Rana Boujaoude
Associate Professor of Law
Director, Bar Exam Services
Office: Room 2348
Phone: 415-369-5384
Zoom meetings are available by appointment.

Andy Gordon
Director of Bar Performance and Assessment
Phone: 415-442-6535
Zoom meetings are available by appointment.

Iris Fugate
Director of Bar Performance and Assessment
Phone: 415-442-6623
Zoom meetings are available by appointment.