Profiles: Myleka Johnson

Myleka Johnson

Myleka Johnson

BA 15

Project Analyst in the UCSF School of Medicine Vice Dean's Office at ZSFG

Myleka chose GGU because of the convenience of the class times and the campus location in proximity to her job. She also shared that she felt "a high level of customer service and a uniquely high amount of respect from the staff towards (her) as a student."

After having been passed over for a promotion last year, she stated that 'experience' lit a fire in her to finish what she'd started nine years ago. She began her course work at GGU with a mix of online and in person classes. After some tweaking with her schedule, she ultimately felt a better fit with the in person/hybrid format. Myleka said, "I am a people-person, so I need face to face connections to thrive in a class. Now, taking blended courses is a nice compromise. I am doing better by logging in everyday to stay connected to the class. I like knowing people in person and then when we talk in the discussion room, the conversation is more fulfilling and meaningful."

When asked what habits/behaviors had she found most important in being successful on her educational journey, she expressed "asking for help" as number one. Myleka further added, "Asking for help from your teachers, classmates and anyone who may be able to help you when you need it and using the tutors that GGU provides. No man is an island. Asking for help has always been a problem for me because I tend to want to solve all of my problems myself. In the past I have also given up on things prematurely because they got too hard and I didn't ask for help in time. Swallowing a humility pill and asking for help whenever you need it is the most important behavior I've developed as a GGU student."

She has had to plan for and around child care as well as her work and school schedule. She has partnered with her mom who has been a huge support on the child care front. Myleka sets her priorities and then find solutions to make 'it all happen' and Myleka will continue to be successful beyond her UG degree here at GGU. She is one determined and hard working woman!