Profiles: Alicya Galpin

Alicya Galpin

Alicya Galpin

MBA 15

Creative Entrepreneur at Aegis Designs


MBA alumna Alicya Galpin created a business plan during her online venture capital and start-up financing course that has enabled her to get funding and start her new business. Alicya stated, "I had this idea to distribute Zag, a European brand of backcountry skis, in the US since I was so impressed with their performance. Professor Freeman helped me create a business plan for his venture capital class, which I subsequently used to introduce my idea to the company founder and get private financing."

Alicya first became familiar with Zag skis based on her husband's experience as an avid back country skier. The two of them took a trip to Chamonix, France three years ago, and Alicya tried Zag skis per her husband's suggestion. She found them superior to any ski she had previously tried. Zag skis, which are light, stable and specifically created for a women's body, use snowboard technology that makes turning easy. After using the skis, Alicya wanted to see if she could introduce Zag into the US, but lacked the skills and resources to put together a business plan.

Since last spring, her business idea has turned into a reality. Her business plan enabled her to get a meeting with Zag's president and a private financier. The ski company is currently investing in providing sample skis to top pro shops in 10 ski areas that feature backcountry skiing. Alicya has also started working part-time for the company, helping them with their websites and attending European trade shows. At the present time, she is taking orders for the sample skis and is hoping to take what she learns in European trade shows to enter Zag skis in major US demo days (particularly for women) and the industry's leading trade show in Denver.