Profiles: Travis Monson

Travis Monson

Travis Monson

BA 15

Relationship Manager & Recruiter at Talener

Travis Monson was raised in Provo, Utah. He attended Utah Valley University, where he studied architecture and art history. Travis took a break from college and spent more than three years living in various parts of Europe. He spent most of his time living in Hungary, where he became fluent in Hungarian. After his extensive traveling, Travis moved to San Francisco in 2011 with his best friend Abby. He quickly landed his first job in San Francisco as a cheesemonger in the Ferry Building.

Two years ago, Travis decided that he finally needed to finish his bachelor's degree. He found out about Golden Gate University from one of his close friends and he decided that GGU would be the perfect fit. He knew that obtaining his degree would give him a better foundation in his career and life.

Travis credits much of his success to his GGU professors and classmates for their support.

"I'm truly grateful for the love and support of my family and friends. I couldn't have done it without you."