Profiles: Greg Troyan

Greg Troyan

Greg Troyan

MBA 13

Sole Proprietor at GVT Technology Services, Senior Technical Account Manager at Amazon Web Services

Greg Troyan graduated from San Francisco State University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and worked for various companies while developing his technical expertise. He applied to GGU not knowing that the next four trimesters would be the most difficult of his life thus far; he balanced the demands of school, his five year old twin children, worked full time and supported his wife of fifteen years through her diagnosis and eventual successful treatment of breast cancer. He learned a great deal during his experience at GGU from his professors and from the academic discourse of his classes. In addition, from his wife and cohort he gained great insight on grace and on how success is possible under seemingly insurmountable pressure. He credits his cohort members in his graduating with High Honors.

Greg lives in Oakland and works at a technical consulting firm. He and his wife are currently deciding what the next phase of their life together will look like. In the mean time he enjoys long distance trail running, playing bass and catching up on his reading.