Profiles: Dale Walsh

Dale Walsh

Dale Walsh

BS Marketing 81, LHD 12

President, Chevron Americas Products

GGU Board of Trustees, Amicus Award 13

Dale Walsh is responsible for Chevron's refining and marketing operations throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. They provide retail, commercial, industrial, and aviation fuel products and services under the Chevron and Texaco brands. The Americas Products organization includes 9,500 Chevron and Texaco retail stations in the United States, Canada and Latin America. In 2011 alone, the company sold a daily average of 1.5 billion barrels of gasoline and other refined products in the region.

Walsh's organization also manages six North American refineries with a combined crude-oil capacity of 1 million barrels daily. Walsh was named president of the organization in 2010 after being promoted from president of Chevron Lubricants for four years. At Chevron Lubricants, he was responsible for the manufacturing, blending, sales and marketing of base oils, lubricants and coolants to end-use consumers and to commercial and industrial customers worldwide.

After beginning his Chevron career in the marketing organization, he quickly progressed through a variety of positions in retail sales, including three years in Honolulu. He was transferred back to the Bay Area in 1990 as assistant to the general sales manager and continued to progress through several other national roles, including brand strategy manager, general manager of retail development, and general manager of brand development. In 2000, he was named general manager of retail marketing for Chevron Products Co. Three years later, he assumed the role of vice president of Latin America, Global Marketing, in Coral Gables, Florida.

The timeline is less important than sharpening skill sets, he insists. During this career spanning three decades, he has focused extensively on developing a competitive, value-creating and world-class fuels business in Chevron's international and US markets. At Golden Gate's 2012 commencement, the alumnus shared his secrets for success with the university's undergraduate students. Walsh believes that education assists in realizing potential.

"Yes, you can learn through the school of hard knocks, but it makes the road that much tougher. You open more doors by getting a degree. It differentiates you from the pack. What I liked specifically about the school was that many of the instructors came from local corporations and businesses. They brought not only the theory, but the hands-on practical kind of work experience to the classroom. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Golden Gate."

For Dale Walsh, father of three college-age children, maintaining a balance between work and personal life has always been important. Hiking, snow and water skiing, tennis and other sports reflect his passion. The caveat, he says, is to remain passionate about life, whether in a career or a tennis game with the kids.

"Golden Gate has a big reputation. It's different than the traditional residential campus. Golden Gate gave me the appreciation for the theory, but focused on the practicality. Golden Gate prepares students probably better than many schools because of that balance. The teachers and the students are people who understand how to be in a classroom on Wednesday night and walk into the office Thursday morning and immediately put into practice what they're learning in class. And vice versa, bringing that same work experience back into the class makes it very real for their classmates."