Profiles: Craig M. Enos

Craig M. Enos

Craig M. Enos

MS Taxation 01

Forensic Accountant and Expert Witness at Enos Forensics

In Forensic Accounting, Every Day is Different

What led you to teach at GGU?

I was asked by Greg Regan from Hemming Morse if I would be interested in teaching a course on individual damages for the Forensic Accounting program at GGU. I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my knowledge and give back to GGU.

How long have you been teaching at GGU?

I started teaching at GGU in 2009.

Why do you like teaching at GGU?

Its a double bonus! I have the opportunity to give back to my school where I earned my degree and the students challenge me to keep current in my practice.

Would you hire a student that studied forensic accounting at GGU?

I would hire a student that studied forensic accounting at GGU because I know the program is very comprehensive and is taught by practicing forensic accountants.

What advice can you give current students to help them succeed after they've completed their GGU education?

Network, network, and network!!! I cannot stress enough how important it is to build a professional network. Meet your fellow students and attend business networking events. I realize we are in a time of online courses, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., but especially if you plan to practice forensic accounting and be an expert witness, nothing replaces face-to-face contact.

Why do you like your field?

I like forensic accounting because every day is different. Every case provides a new challenge.

What is (are) your proudest accomplishment(s)?

After marrying my wife Amy and having three wonderful kids, I would have to say my proudest accomplishments would be completing my education (BS accounting from San Jose State University and a MS taxation from Golden Gate University), becoming a CPA, and having the confidence to start my own firm.

Craig has provided expert witness testimony in trials, arbitrations, mediations, and depositions. He is the current Chair of the CalCPA State Economic Damages Section and a member of the State Litigation Steering Committee.