Pandemic & Unrest: Emerging Legal Issues and Re-Imagining the Future

A GGU School of Law Lunchtime Speaker Series

images of speakersAs part of a fall survey course, GGU Law is hosting four related MCLE lunchtime talks open to the entire legal community. They will feature industry experts and GGU professors discussing emerging topics related to the ongoing pandemic.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has fundamentally disrupted life as we know it, creating unprecedented legal, ethical, and policy challenges across the globe. In the United States, the pandemic has exacerbated the underlying social, economic, and political inequalities that define life for so many Americans, calling into question the rules we play by and forcing institutions and companies to grapple with challenging issues in governance and business. Legal and policy responses to COVID-19 and its aftermath have created openings to forge new alliances between movements, find intersections among legal issues, and opportunities for lawyers to be thought leaders. As we begin to cope with the current loss and prepare for the future, we ask ourselves, what are the emerging issues? How do we protect the vulnerable and re-imagine a better, more just future? How can we lead?

Join us online the last Wednesday of every month for these important and engaging conversations.

The sessions are free and qualify for CLE credit.


August 26 12-1:30
Professor Adam Sand, Privacy Law; Shannon Yavorsky, Partner, Orrick; and John Banghard, Senior Director, Cybersecurity, Veneble.

September 30 12-1:30
Rideshare Drivers, Employee Status, and Pandemic Mayhem
Professor Anna Kirsch; Rey Fuentes, Skadden Fellow; Veena B. Dubal, UC Hastings College of the Law

October 28 12-1:30
Professor David Franklyn, IP/Technology (Guest speaker TBD)
Potential patent rights for developing therapies and vaccines, compulsory licensing issues, public policy regarding exclusive rights of medicines and treatments in U.S. and abroad, and access to drugs from private companies.


November 18, 12-1:30
Professor Jyoti Nanda, Juvenile Justice & Decarceration (Guest speaker TBD)