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Amber Busch's Bio

What makes Golden Gate University so exceptional are the programs that are incredibly flexible. When I started the tax program, my firm was willing to pay for two classes per year. I thought at the time 'Wow! That will take five years to complete.' But then I thought 'Five years from now if I did not do the program I will regret that I had not taken the time.' In that five years I had a child, purchased a new house, which we gutted and put back together, and quickly advanced in my career. I took a couple of breaks and it ended up taking me 6 years, but I have never once regretted my decision to go to GGU. Working with many tax professionals over the years, it is easy to see the people that have their masters and the people that dont. Going to GGU helped me to know what I do not know. I may not know everything, but I generally know what I do not know. When I work with people that do not have their masters, at times they are blinded to what they do not know. That can be very dangerous. I also met people who I still have relationships with, including former professors who I consult with and classmates who I keep in touch with.

Amber Busch is currently a Principal at Clothier & Head. Prior to Clothier & Head, Amber spent two years with a Big Four accounting firm and most recently served as a Senior Tax Manager at Moss Adams LLP in Tacoma, WA. Amber has significant experience consulting on entity formations, reorganizations, liquidations, buy-in and buy-out transactions and transaction structuring for tax minimization, and is also practiced in interactions regarding disputes with taxing authorities on behalf of clients. She specializes in tax consulting and compliance services to clients in the healthcare and real estate industries. Amber holds a B.A. from Washington State University and a Masters in Taxation from Golden Gate University.

Amber in one word: Authentic

Interests & hobbies: Being a foster parent, going out on her boat with her family & being active in her church & community

Childhood dream job: Human Resources Representative

Favorite musical artist: She doesn't have one. She prefers to listen to audible books in the car.

Guilty pleasure:The Bachelorette & Reese's Peanut Butter Cups