News & Events: Holly Graves: Rising 2L, chemist, and new SBA president

Holly Graves

Like many GGU students, Holly Graves didn’t take a straight path to graduate school. After graduating from Ohio Northern University with a BS in Chemistry, she worked as a chemist in and around Cincinnati for five years. That experience taught her that, although she loved science and the lab, she needed a more challenging career for her life, so she decided to go to law school. She is currently working on finding opportunities to mix her degree and experience in chemistry with her future in law.

Now a rising 2L, Graves is planning to seek a specialization certificate in Intellectual Property with an eye toward a career as a patent attorney. GGU’s strong IP Law curriculum was certainly one of the reasons she chose to move from Ohio to San Francisco, but so was the weather.

“I was so over snow,” she says.  “And GGU gave me a great scholarship.”

Also, when Graves visited campus for Admitted Students Day, she was impressed by the support services that GGU offers as well as the close-knit student body.

“All of the services GGU offers blew me away – bar prep, exam prep, study help, engaged professors, and career services and student support. Every student I met was so friendly and supportive. I knew this is the environment in which I needed to learn law.”

Graves wasted no time becoming an important part of that environment. She joined several student-run organizations and at the end of her first year was elected as president of the Student Bar Association (SBA).

Running for SBA president was a natural fit for Graves, who in college was president of the chemistry association and in her past job was a member of the “morale” committee.  One of her goals in her SBA role is to ease the transition to law school for new students and to be a voice for her peers.

“I can’t promise anything but if you come to me, I will look into the issue for you,” she says of her platform.

This summer, Graves is actively stepping into her leadership role. She is frequently spotted in the hallways at 536 Mission Street during her lunch break (she is interning in downtown San Francisco) to meet with staff, faculty, and fellow students.

How does a busy law student make time for these extracurricular activities? “Organizing is just fun for me,” she says. “I like being involved.”