Alumni: Sally Morin

Sally Morin

Sally Morin

JD 97

Owner, Sally Morin Law

From Hawaii to Personal Injury Law

Why did you choose to attend GGU?

I was living in Hawaii before law school. The only place I could imagine leaving paradise for was San Francisco. SF is a magical place! It is exciting, fast-paced, filled with dynamic forward-thinking people and has beautiful outdoor spaces! GGU was the perfect choice!

What was your experience at GGU?

I had heard many nightmare stories about how competitive law school was, but at GGU I found it to be very collaborative and community-oriented. The professors are amazing, highly intelligent people who love what they do and really care about the students. The law clinics were great for getting practical experience working with real cases and real clients!

Tell us about your experience as a personal injury lawyer.

I run my own San Francisco personal injury law firm where we focus exclusively on bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle and auto accident cases, and we recently opened up a small firm of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers to serve Southern California as well.

What advice can you give current students about starting your own firm?

It takes two things to start a successful law firm: 1. The true belief that you can do it! and 2. Hard work! Nobody likes to hear that second one, but if you are truly passionate about what you do, the hard work is like play!

Why do you hire GGU students?

GGU produces hardworking, independent-thinking students and attorneys. GGU students are go-getter's! They don't wait around to be told what to do. They come up with ideas and suggestions to help improve my business and our cases.