Alumni: Mick Sutliffe

Mick Sutliffe

Mick Sutliffe

JD 08

Associate, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

Going to law school was a difficult choice.

Phrased as an issue, it reads like a riddle. Whether the 50 year-old software engineer should leave his high-paying software engineering job to come to law school for the three hardest years of his life? Yes, for the challenge and the opportunity.

The challenge has been greater than I imagined, and the opportunity continues to unfold before me even in the toughest economy that I have seen in my lengthy working lifetime. The choice to study intellectual property law at Golden Gate University School of Law (GGU) was much easier. GGU offers the type of immediately useful legal education that enables entry into the job market.

Education creates opportunity. As a practical matter, I have always sought education that balances job skills with a foundation in the underlying academic concepts that enable continued learning after graduation.

GGU strikes the balance perfectly. Our graduates are known for having the skills and knowledge to go right to work, without lengthy settling in time. GGU also has a very broad selection of courses in Intellectual Property Law, taught by professors that are practitioners in the field they teach. So, we are taught a practitioners view of the law, which I find very helpful. It is also very clear that the professors, as practitioners, love the law that they teach. GGU's professors are engaged with the material, the students, and with the law. 

GGU actively advances the field of Intellectual Property Law through the Intellectual Property Law Center (IPLC), directed by Professor William T. Gallagher. The IPLC is a focal point for current issues in IP law through the annual Intellectual Property Law Conference, book reviews, professor Greenbergs blog on copyright, internet and entertainment law issues, and guest speakers. The IPLC brings together a broad range of IP law enthusiasts, including judges, attorneys, academics, special topics speakers, authors, and ethics professionals, providing a respected forum for the exchange of ideas in IP law.

As the IPLC shines, so does the IP Law program at GGU, reflecting positively on us all associated with it.