Alumni: Joyce Jordan

Joyce Jordan

Joyce Jordan

JD 97

Owner, Law Office of Joyce Jordan

Looking Back on the JD Program at GGU

What are your current work activities?

After working in the non-profit sector for a few years and doing contract work for other attorneys, I began my own practice in 2003 here in San Francisco. As a plaintiffs attorney, practicing primarily in tenants rights, employment rights, and personal in jury, I often represent the disenfranchised. It is a real source of satisfaction for me doing what I set out to do when I first decided to go to law school. Every day I remind myself that my work in helping to level the playing field is helping to make the world a better place.

What was your experience at GGU?

The faculty and administration at GGU were very open and supportive to older students. As a single parent, it was not easy juggling school and parenting, but GGU was behind me all the way. I often brought my daughter to class with me and no one objected.
The classes I took gave me the practical skills I needed to pass the bar, and I find myself using those same skills every day in the workplace.

And advice to GGU's up and coming Legal Eagles?

First, take the clinics offered by GGU they are invaluable! The Family Law and Womens Employment Rights Clinics gave me opportunities to work in the law while earning credits. Second, find a mentor. Every new attorney needs a go-to person with questions in their specific area of law. Finally, take time to breathe and have a life outside of law school. Its the only way to survive the rigors of practicing law. Best of success to all of you!