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OLHS 118
Leadership and Transformation Through Relationships and Communities

3 Unit(s)

This course focuses on the role and responsibility of leaders as servants to strengthen and empower people, organizations, and communities. Whether formal or informal leaders, the servant leader leads and influences in ways that encourages others to bring themselves holistically to their respective work responsibilities as well as into their communities. This course will define how the primary work of the servant leader is to equip others so that they themselves are able to engage in servant leadership wherever they find themselves within or beyond the organization. As the capstone course for the OLHS degree, this course emphasizes that the role of any leader at any level in any organization is to model a servant leadership approach that advances organizational performance while it also address the importance of the servant leader's connections to their communities in ways that heal, restore, and empower communities. Prerequisite: OLSH 110. Corequisite: ENGL 60.

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