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MSBA 307
AI for Data Security, Integrity, and Risk Mitigation

3 Unit(s)

Provides the basic knowledge needed to implement processes, tools and data analytics to assure real-time business visibility and control to detect fraud and assure integrity of key business transactions. The student will gain a strong footing to cope with the changes that are to come with the use and ever-growing reliance on computer technology, the evolution of the Internet of Things and the resulting explosion of data. In order to determine the veracity of information, students will examine emerging data analytics tools and emerging AI technologies to learn how to process information using various sources of knowledge and gain insights to predict risk and design methods for its mitigation. The students will be able to design and implement a new class of trust-but-verify business processes as overlays to current business process implementations. After the completion of the course, the student will be able to bring emerging AI technologies to improve enterprise risk identification and mitigation business processes. Prerequisite: MSBA 300 and MSBA 320.