Profiles: Yijun Chen


Yijun Chen

Master of Accountancy


Professors Make the Difference to This Accounting Major

Why and how did you choose to pursue your degree at GGU?

To be honest, GGU was not my first choice. However, the day I visited school, the staff at GGU changed my mind. They were so patient and willing to help. I told myself, this is the school I want because students are important to it.

How have you found the program so far?

I want to be a CPA, and the courses I'm taking are really helpful. I like the professors in GGU, they brought a lot of real world applications and hands-on experience into the classroom. I'm not only learning the knowledge in the book, but also learning how to apply it to real life. That is really useful.

What's your SHINE moment -- the moment you realized you could do more than you thought you could?

My parents sent me to France to study language when I was 18. I didn't speak any French, and didn't have a bank account when I was in China. I still remember the first day I arrived; to open a bank account became a big challenge. I used my French-Chinese dictionary found out all key words and wrote them down. Then found out a closest bank from the map. The personal banker spoke limited English, as did I. Dictionary, limited English, body language... finally I got my first bank account! It took me more than two hours, but I made it. The next day, with the first day's experience, I even helped other new arrival Chinese students to open bank accounts. At that time, I felt so proud about myself. I realized: I'm not afraid, try and try hard, anything can be possible.

What's next for you?

I want to get my CPA license after I complete my degree. It's hard to say which country I want to stay in after I graduate. I love China, US, and France. I will decide later, and now, I just want to enjoy my life here.

What would you tell an international student considering going to GGU?

GGU is a tough but great school. You might need to spend a lot of time studying, but you get yourself ready to compete with other people before you start working. Students are respected here and always get help from faculty.