Profiles: Venk Seelam


Venk Seelam

Master of Accountancy 2012


Preparing for the Industry

Why did you choose to pursue your degree at GGU?

GGU has the recognition in the respected industries (specifically accounting and tax)

Please give a few sentences about what led you to where you are today.

I was a political science major at UC Berkeley and I felt lost with reality as I was not prepared for the job industry. I found out about GGU's successful master's programs in accounting and tax and did some research and decided to go for it.

Are you currently working?

I have been helping out the family catering business during my time at GGU -- most of the job responsibilities are financial planning and accounting. Recently I have accepted a job offer to work at an accounting firm; my start date is scheduled for July/August which will be primarily focused on financial audits.

What would you like to do with your degree from GGU?

To accomplish significant feats in the world of finance and technology, as I am a big nerd for gadgets I hope to become a CFO and an influential leader for a major tech corporation.

Is there a problem with the world you are interested in helping to solve?

Many new tech startups are unclear about proper accounting as there are no clear accounting principles for these industries. I want to play a significant role in placing the proper guidelines and monitoring companies to prevent future frauds.

What are a few of your proudest accomplishments?

I helped poor neighborhoods in India receive purified water with a budget friendly water filtration system. Also, I increased funding for student organizations at Berkeley City College.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a first generation American in my family. I have also attended boarding school in India, so my views on life are a mix of east and west. My families basically came to America with no money and are now proud business owners with a beautiful house. They have spoiled me in a sense -- by living the American dream. My areas of interests are technology and finance. If I was not doing accounting I would probably be a software engineer. During my free time I love to play basketball and work out at a gym. During college I played baseball competitively as a pitcher. I also a member of the World Adult Kickball Association! I enjoy fashion -- collecting designer ties, trendy suits and pattern shirts, and pursuing knowledge and random facts on science, technology, and finance (thank you Google and Wikipedia!).

What advice can you give current students to help them succeed in the business world or in their personal lives?

1) Always NETWORK! Just make time to introduce yourself to other people because that might lead to a new job opportunity, a potential client, or even a life partner. 2) Dress to IMPRESS -- It's important that you give a good first impression by the way you dress professionally because many of us are out there, and the only to separate yourself in the room is by looking your best.