Profiles: Pamela Hubbuck

Pamela Hubbuck

Pamela Hubbuck


Head of Corporate Operations and Leadership Support at One Medical Group

Continuous Improvement Through Education

After completing her Bachelor of Science in Business (Finance Concentration) at GGU, Pamela Hubbuck has returned to pursue an MBA.

Pam shared in her own words what motivated her to return to school:

"I had been in the workforce for twenty years before returning to school, so it was important to me to obtain my degree in the fastest possible time, while still receiving a quality education. The skills I have developed studying for my BS have already garnered great results in my working life. I'm a stand-out employee, and I know part of that is due to the confidence I have in my abilities/knowledge. I selected GGU because I had heard some great things about the university from fellow students. Having a full-time career and taking a full-time course load is hard work. I know many fellow students are in the same boat, so it was important to me to find a school that built class times around my work schedule."

Interestingly enough, Pamela considers herself a 'face-to-face kind of person,' preferring in-person classes. "I have learned eLearning can have its advantages. I'm beginning to get into the rhythm of the online format. To know that I can do my work at my own pace (as long as it is before it's due), has been a real blessing some weeks when I am juggling many things outside of school."

GGU congratulates Pamela on earning her bachelor's degree, and wishes her the best as she pursues her MBA!