Profiles: Mathew Uday


Mathew Uday

Pursuing a Master Science in Human Resource Management

Achieving Success as SGA President

Why have you chosen to pursue a MS in Human Resource Management as an international student at GGU?

I am originally from Mumbai, India and heard about the university from a consultant. After researching and learning the university is made up of confluence of people, renowned for its academic excellence, eminent faculty, diverse campus environment and industrial exposure, I decided to attend. I also learned the school location is ideal for internships and job possibilities which was a key factor in my decision.

What inspired the creation of the Human Resources Club (HURA)?

I had the chance to speak to the Dorothy Smith, Program Director of Human Resource Management, and found out that our school does not have a club that represents Human Resource (Management). I talked to some of my classmates and we thought it would be a good idea to create a club to showcase our strength, build rapport with professionals, have an opportunity to exchange ideas and help each other. Having this goal in mind, I decided to create the Human Resource Club to help HR and other students to help them achieve career advancement.

As the president of GGU's Student Government Association (SGA), what goals have you help set for the upcoming year?

After conducting research to figure out which areas needed improvement, I learned that response and attendance rates for online students was low. Additionally, our diverse campus also seemed to be segmented, so my goal is to get online students involved in on-campus activities and increase diversity among student groups. Overall, my goal is to increase available student resources including career advancement programs and leadership opportunities.

You represented GGU at the 2015 Oracle OpenWorld event in October. Provide a few take-a-ways from your overall experience.

This is just one example of an opportunity GGU students can acquire while attending. The event was focused on social media and the impact it has on students and alumnus. During the event, I was able to learn more about social media and the benefits of marketing a school via social media.

How will your experience at GGU assist in your advancement after graduation?

I will graduate in April of 2017 and my goal is to acquire a role in the Bay Area specializing in human resources that would include an operational skill set. As a professional, I plan to implement my experience at GGU to help lead professionals and emerging leaders while strengthening professional partnerships. Ultimately, I would like to be known as a catalyst for change in the organization.