Profiles: Kee Ana Smith

Kee Ana Smith

Kee Ana Smith

Honors Lawyering Program, 3L

Staff Attorney at Legal Services for Children

Kee Ana Smith is a third year Honors Lawyering Program student. While at GGU, she interned for the East Bay Children's Law Office at the San Francisco City Attorney's Office on their Child and Family Services Team, as well as for the AIDS Legal Referral Panel. She is secretary of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA), and has participated in the Bernie Segal Cross & Close Trial Competition.

Tell me something special or interesting about your background before you went to law school?

I was a cheerleader in high school and college. I cheered for St. Mary's and was able to participate in March Madness during a year the basketball team went quite far.

Who or what was your motivation for going to law school?

My dad was my motivation. I went directly into law school after undergrad. He sat me down and reminded me not to compare myself to others and work hard now because it will pay off in the end. My Dad has a great work ethic and works hard for the Juvenile Hall of Contra Costa. Hearing his work stories about the kids he serves really motivated me to work in that sector.

Tell me something special or interesting about your law school experience.

I did not do well on the LSAT and was predicted to not be successful at law school. I was scared, so I worked extra hard to try to make it through my first year, which paid off. I shattered the barriers that were in front of me and proved that one test does not define who you are. I am a 3L who has good grades and am going to finish law school.

What is your greatest source of motivation/support as you work towards your JD?

My younger brother is my greatest support. He is 12 years old now and does not really understand the stress that law school can bring, but that is what makes him my biggest support. He takes my mind off of school and reminds me to appreciate life and not sweat the small stuff.

What message/advice do you have for your fellow law students?

To not always think about law, but appreciate the different relationships you form in law school. The section I was in my 1L year was very supportive of one another and because of this I was able to understand that, yes you are in law school, but remember to appreciate and develop supportive relationships. Law school is not just about competing with each other for the highest grade.

About the interviewer: Megan Brown is the Program Coordinator for Law Student Services. You can find her in section 204, row D, seat 10 at Giants home games, or working up a sweat in her hula class.