Profiles: Ian Fuentecilla

Ian Fuentecilla

Ian Fuentecilla

JD 11

Director (Legal), Corporate Counsel, Regulatory Liaison Office at Charles Schwab

Background before law school

Ian Fuentecilla, a recent gradudate, has the somewhat rare distinction of actually having been born in San Francisco. Raised in Hercules, California, Ian's family moved to Davis where he attended UC Davis, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Human Development.

Decision to go to law school

The day after receiving his undergraduate degree, Ian was greeted with the good news of his admission to Golden Gate Law, thus extending his graduation celebration by several days. For Ian, the decision to attend law school was influenced by a combination of encouragement from his parents and his girlfriend, and the legacy of his grandfather who served as a District Court Judge in the Philippines. Ian's greatest source of motivation during the sometimes difficult days of law school was to simply remember those most important to him. "I'm doing this for more than just myself" he says.

Why Golden Gate?

Ian was drawn to Golden Gate Law because of the collegial atmosphere, the school's reputation for training skilled and ethical attorneys, but most of all by the superior quality of both the students and faculty.

Advice for fellow law students

In addition to his other extracurricular activities, Ian has served as a peer mentor to 1L students. When asked what advice he would give to new law students, Ian strongly believes that new students owe it to themselves to commit fully to the law school experience, emphasizing that each student will get as much out of the experience as he or she puts in. Ian says "Students at this school are given every opportunity to succeed and the resources provided by Golden Gate are designed for exactly that purpose." Ian looks forward to practicing employment defense law in the Bay Area.

Outside of law school

An avid Giants fan, he has spent over $500 to date on Giants championship gear. Ian is not afraid to admit that he wept tears of joy when the Giants won the World Series, and his only missed days of class were last year to attend Day 1 of the World Series and the day of the Giants victory parade in San Francisco!

About the Interviewer: Gerald Heppler is the Associate Director of Admissions at Golden Gate Law. Prior to joining the law school, Gerald received his JD from USF School of Law and practiced estate planning and probate with a small San Francisco firm. He is an avid movie fan and enjoys walking his lovable but neurotic dog with his partner, Raul.