Profiles: Dorothy Roer

Dorothy Roer

Dorothy Roer


Adjunct Profess Graduate School of Taxation at Golden Gate University, Shareholder at Roer & Company

Dorothy Roer's Bio

Since most of my Golden Gate University experience has been at the Seattle campus, I would have to say the exceptional faculty is what makes GGU so exceptional.

Dorothy Roer became an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University in 2011. Currently, along with her husband Gregory (GGU Director of the Seattle campus), they have a Seattle boutique tax practice catering to high net worth individuals, closely held entities, and family trusts. Because of the personal relationship with their clients, their practice includes extensive tax, estate, retirement and other financial planning. Gregory established the firm in 1984 and Dorothy joined the firm in 1997. Dorothy holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of Washington and a Masters in Taxation from Golden Gate University.

Dorothy in one word: Complicated

Interests & hobbies: Knitting & reading

Favorite musical artist: Andrea Bocelli

Guilty pleasure: Figuring out and staying on top of the latest and greatest technical gadgets

Favorite movie:Gone with the Wind