Profiles: Dean's Message: Ageno School of Business

Paul Fouts

Paul Fouts

Professor at Golden Gate University


At the Ageno School of Business (ASOB), we know your education is an important key to developing a successful career. Since our beginning more than 110 years ago, our value has been to educate working professionals with a broad set of career-focused degree programs that meet the needs of current business practice.

The students that join us in ASOB share several common traits. They are experienced, multicultural and serious about their education. The flexibility we can offer students at GGU due to our various delivery modes is one of our appeals. You can study online through our award-winning eLearning programs or in the classroom or a combination of the two,whichever suits your lifestyle. Lastly, GGU is a private, nonprofit school - meaning that our sole focus is on the success of our students, not our shareholders.

We invite you to browse our website or contact us for a better understanding of who we are and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Dean Paul Fouts