Profiles: Brian Cheng

Brian Cheng

Brian Cheng

MS 10

Business Intelligence Manager at LinkedIn

Ready for Anything

Brian won the Outstanding Graduate award and was the 2010 student commencement speaker. He is now a management consultant for Accenture.
What were your reactions when you found out that you were a successful recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Award?

I was completely surprised that I was even considered for this award! I felt that all the work during the last 9 months paid off and was noticed by the faculty and the School of Taxation. I felt excited, jubilated, and above all, honored.

What were your familys reactions?

My parents were very proud of me as they too have noticed my hard work throughout the past few months. When I went up to receive my award, I just thought about how far I had come as a professional. It made the moment that much better that I could share it with those around me who have supported me the entire way.

What do you think it was about your extracurricular commitments, your work in the community, your personality, or your work ethic that got you nominated?

Committing to my role both as a student and a professional. Perseverance with my studies and fully immersing myself in the program. I took advantage not only of the classes and professors, but other resources such as the noontime and Friday workshops that I participated in to better myself. I also gave my all to the program up until the very end, even after I had received a full-time job offer.

What advice would you give to an aspiring student hoping to achieve this award for next year? What qualities should they aim for? What kind of activities could they think about participating in?

Really take control of your experience; only by fully preparing for classes and asking questions will you truly get the most out of your time at GGU. By working hard, the faculty will be able to see the preparation and time that you have taken into your studies. Fully dedicate yourself to the program, maintain dialogue with your professors, and keep those lines of communication open! I highly encourage students to go to the extra-curricular events that the program offers or other presentations put on my local professionals. These events are a great way to meet other students, alumni, and professionals!

What are your opinions regarding this award and event?

It was an honor to receive this award. This is a great opportunity to recognize students in the various programs and a chance for us to celebrate each others achievements.

Finally, what are you going to do with your award plaque?

It is currently proudly displayed in my room, and I hope in the foreseeable future I will be able to put it up on the wall of my corner office!