GGU Law Associate Dean and Professor Cynthia Chandler Receives Fay Stender Award for Outstanding Legal Advocacy for Disadvantaged Women

Associate Dean Cynthia Chandler was selected by California Women Lawyers to receive the prestigious Fay Stender Award for her advocacy for the rights of women in prison. She received the award at the State Bar Annual Meeting on October 8. According to California Women Lawyers, "The annual award is given to a feminist attorney who, like Fay Stender, is committed to the representation of women, disadvantaged groups and unpopular causes, and whose courage, zest for life and demonstrated ability to effect change as a single individual make her a role model for women attorneys." Dean Chandler joins ranks of prior winners such as Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Drucilla Stender Ramey. The keynote speaker for the event was Amy Weaver, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Salesforce, Inc. To read more about Dean Chandler's world-changing work, click the link above.

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