Joint Degrees: Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration

The joint MBA/JD is an accelerated MBA and JD program that allows students to simultaneously pursue a law degree and master's degree in business administration. Students are allowed to count a certain number of credits from one program to expedite completion of the other, with the requirement of beginning the program with acceptance into the Law School. This situation is ideal for full-time students with interests in both fields who have the time to devote to this expanded program.

Program Highlights

Students interested in the program should first apply to the School of Law. After successfully completing the first semester of law school, students interested in the joint program can apply to the Ageno School of Business. The LSAT scores will be accepted in lieu of the GMAT and Writing Proficiency Requirement in order to gain admission to the MBA. All the other admission requirements of our traditional MBA program apply. The decision on admission to the MBA program will normally be made after receipt of the second semester law school grades.

The JD/MBA program is built on the curriculum of our traditional MBA program: students complete the same foundation program, and take the same core courses from the advanced program. The difference in this joint program is that JD/MBA students may apply 12 units of their second and third year Golden Gate University School of Law classes toward fulfilling a JD/MBA concentration while attending the School of Law. However, these twelve units will not be formally transferred to the MBA degree until the student has successfully completed the School of Law degree requirements. Additionally, twelve units from the MBA program are used to satisfy the elective requirement of your JD degree. In all, the program allows you to complete both the JD and MBA degrees in as little as 94 units, compared to 118 units if pursued separately. The total number of business units may be higher if you have not already completed the business subjects in the 18 unit MBA foundation program at an accredited undergraduate college or university (with a B- grade or better).


Entering students matriculate in August each year. The full-time day program usually takes 3 years, but can be completed in 2-1/2 years.

See the JD Student Recommended Schedule for more curriculum information.

First Semester Required Courses -- 15 units

  • Civil Procedure I (3)
  • Contracts I (3)
  • Criminal Law (3)
  • Torts (4)
  • Writing & Research I (2)

Second Semester Required Courses -- 15 units

  • Civil Procedure II (3)
  • Contracts II (3)
  • Property (4)
  • Writing & Research II (3)
  • 1L Elective (2)

Second Year Required Courses

  • Appellate Advocacy (2) [may be enrolled in fall or spring]
  • Constitutional Law I (3) [must be enrolled in fall]
  • Constitutional Law II (3) [must be enrolled in spring]
  • Minimum of 12 required course units during second year; total of 12-16 units per semester

Additional Upper Division Required Courses -- 9 units

  • Criminal Procedure I (3)
  • Evidence (4) [recommended for fall of second year]
  • Professional Responsibility (2)

California Bar Subject Courses -- 8 units (REQUIRED)

  • Business Associations (4)
  • Community Property (2)
  • Privacy, Defamation, and Relational Torts (2)
  • Real Estate Transactions (2)
  • Remedies (3)
  • Sales (2)
  • Wills & Trusts (4)

Upper Division Writing Courses -- 2 units (REQUIRED)

  • eSearch: Advanced Legal Research (2)
  • Advanced Legal Writing (1)
  • California Legal Research (2)
  • Environmental Law Journal (3)
  • Independent Study (1-2)
  • Intermediate Legal Writing (1)
  • Law Review (6-8)
  • Practical Legal Writing (2)
  • Special Problems (all sections) (2)
  • Strategies of Legal Writing (2)4
  • Additional courses with a significant writing component, as identified in course schedule (2-3)

Upper Division Experiential Courses -- 3 units (REQUIRED FOR FULL-TIME STUDENTS)

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (3)
  • Environmental Law & Justice Clinic (1-3)
  • Externship Clinic (GGU offers 10 externship clinic courses.) (2-13)
  • Family Law Practice (3)
  • HLP Lawyering Skills (2)
  • HLP Skills Lab (2)
  • Mediation and Collaborative Lawyering (2)
  • Pro Bono Tax Clinic (1-2)
  • Trial Advocacy (3)
  • Womens Employment Rights Clinic (1-3)