Law Registrar: Tuition & Fees

2015 - 2016 Academic Year (Fall 2015 through Summer 2016)

JD, LLM & SJD Tuition

JD and LLM Tuition $1,550 per unit
SJD Tuition $18,600 per residency semester for two semesters; up to $1000 per semester thereafter


Recurring Miscellaneous Fees

Fees Per Semester

(Non-refundable after instruction for term begins)
Registration $40
Materials (see note 1)
JD Students (Fall and Spring only)
JD Summer Session
LLM & SJD Students

Student Bar Association (JD and SJD Int'l, LLM Int'l & LLM US Legal; Fall and Spring only) $50
JD Public Interest Program (Fall and Spring only) $15


Fees Per Occurrence

Application for Admission:
JD Students
LLM and SJD students (see note 3)

Acceptance Deposit (applied to tuition):
JD Students
JD Admission Deferment
LLM Tax Program

Deferred Payment Plan Fees:
Installment Payment Fee
Corporate Reimbursement Payment Plan Fee
Late Payment Fee
Late Payment Finance Charge (per month)

Late Registration Fee (see note 2) $100
Returned Check Service Charge $25
Transcript express delivery fee - U.S. Address $20
Transcript request - Online (per copy + $2.25 per address) $6
Transcript request - Offline (per copy) $12
JD Transfer Out Package $20
Duplicate Diploma Fee $50
Student ID Replacement Fee $10


International Students

International Student Services Fee (per term) $250 effective July 1, 2013


Note 1: Special Materials Fees will also be assessed in courses that require an excess amount of duplicated materials, use of audio-visual equipment, or rental of off-campus facilities. These fees will be announced prior to general registration each semester.

Note 2: Law students who submit their registration forms late will be charged a Late Registration Fee of $100* in addition to the $40 Registration Fee. Courses that start after the first week of the term may be added prior to the second class meeting without the instructor's approval and without incurring a Late Registration Fee. Students whose registrations are cancelled due to non-payment, and who are later re-registered after fulfilling their payment obligations are assessed the Late Registration Fee.

Note 3:  Waived for current Law School students and alumni.