faculty bio
Clifford Rechtschaffen

Professor of Law (on leave)

San Francisco
  • 415-442-6674


  • Civil Procedure
  • Environmental Law and Policy
  • Environmental Law Clinic
  • Legal Methods
  • Public Natural Resources and Land Law
  • Toxics Law and Policy


  • Environmental Law


JD, Yale Law School

AB, Princeton University


  • Currently a senior advisor to Governor Jerry Brown on energy and environmental issues, and was Acting Director of the Department of Conservation in 2011.
  • Two of Professor Rechtschaffen's articles were selected for special recognition. His article on federal oversight of state environmental law programs was selected through a peer review process as one of the ten best environmental law articles published in 2003, and his article on enforcement of the Clean Water Act was selected as one of the twenty best articles published in 2004.
  • Received a Fulbright fellowship to teach International Environmental Law in Slovenia, 2005.
  • Practiced environmental law with the California Attorney General and was a special assistant to California Attorney General Jerry Brown on climate change issues from 2007-2010.


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Member of the California Bar