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Find out more about Law Programs?

Our students gain hands-on experience and training that prepares them for practice right out of law school, a boon for employers.

Law Programs

Find more information about my area of specialization?

Certificates of Specialization are awarded to JD students. Requirements vary, but usually include coursework and clinical practice.

Learn more about certificates of specialization

Find out the admission requirements to my program?

Find all the information you need for law admissions for both international and US applicants:

Admission to GGU Law

Find how much my program will cost?

GGU Law administers a full range of programs to help students fund their education. Costs can be met with a combination of scholarships, federal work study, federal loans and alternative financial assistance.

Learn more about the cost of attendance to GGU Law

Find out how to transfer to GGU Law?

Learn more about transferring to GGU law programs

Find out what courses are being taught by term?

GGU's online Course Schedule allows you to easily search for courses by term or subject.

Use the online GGU Law Course Schedule

What does Career Development offer to students?

Law Career Development provides life-long career coaching and planning resources, internships, and job postings for students, employers, and alumni.

Learn more about Law Career Development