School of Law: Clinics & Centers

GGU Law's legal clinics and centers provide substantive legal training and allow students to build strong professional networks while serving the Bay Area's underserved communities.


Our Clinics -- the Women's Employment Rights Clinic (WERC), Pro Bono Tax Clinic, and Environmental Law and Justice Clinic (ELJC) -- provide students with rich opportunities to receive practical training and gain valuable experience. Working under attorneys, students provide access to justice through serving clients from underserved populations. Both WERC and ELJC have earned awards for their advocacy work.

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GGU Law has extensive clinical legal education programs. Students earn academic credit while working under the supervision of a full-time faculty member and a practicing attorney.

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Golden Gate University Law students have access to specialized programs to help them develop important skills and expertise in topics that will be used throughout their careers.

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Our Centers -- the Litigation Center, Intellectual Property Law Center, the Center on International Law, the Center on Urban Environmental Law, and the Veterans Legal Advocacy Center -- combine research, practitioner events, publications and online resources to facilitate collaboration among students, scholars, and practitioners in specialized areas of law.

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