School of Law: Law Career Services

Law Career Development provides comprehensive services to support students and graduates in their transitions from law school to professional life.

Programs & Resources for GGU Law Students & Graduates

One-on-One Counseling

Beginning in their first year, students receive individualized guidance and coaching from one of our four attorney-career counselors.

Lawcountability, J.D.

GGU Law is one of only 22 schools across the country that provide access to Lawcountablity, J.D., an innovative, online platform designed to help law students achieve their networking and professional development goals.

Access to Industry Experts

LCS continually brings attorneys to campus to speak about practice areas and job types. During the 2011-12 academic year, GGU Law hosted more than 30 such events.

Resources for Graduating Students

LCS offers a series of workshops specifically targeted to the needs of graduating students. Recent graduates receive weekly e-newsletter with job search advice, job leads, and networking opportunities.

Real-Time Information on Jobs, Networking

LCS utilizes a blog, e-news, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube channel to inform students about trends in the market, job search advice, job and grant opportunities and networking events, with a specially structured program for public interest opportunities.

Recruitment Programs

GGU Law hosts semi-annual recruitment programs and promotes job fairs to link students with formal internship and job opportunities. LCS also maintains a password-protected website featuring job listings and a database of 7,000 employers.

Bridge Fellowship Program

To assist in a smooth transition to law practice, GGU Law provides modest stipends to recent graduates who are volunteering in a legal capacity for courts, government agencies and public interest organizations. Several of these Fellows were subsequently hired by their host organizations, or by other organizations as a direct result of the experience and professional contacts they gained in these positions. The San Francisco and Alameda County District Attorney Offices, the San Francisco and Monterey County Public Defender Offices, the EEOC, the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, and San Francisco Superior Court were just some of the agencies that selected GGU Law graduates as Bridge Fellows.



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For Law Students

Law Career Development offers a full range of services, including career counseling, networking and recruiting programs, career panels, online job listings and a resource library. We encourage you to contact LCS today to find out how we can help you realize your career goals.

For Employers

Whether you are looking for a law student to help with legal research or an attorney with significant trial experience, Law Career Services can assist you in reaching the ideal candidate.

For Law Alumni

Law Career Services offers a wide range of services, resources, and programs to guide you in your professional development.