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"Clinical legal education is the way we train students in best practices, while simultaneously giving back to the community at large. There's no better way for students to learn to practice law than to actually practice law, under the supervision of an experienced lawyer. The community benefits from the energy and enthusiasm of students who are inspired to do their best when they work on real cases."

ThankS to all those WHO attended & supported the celebration!

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Susan Rutberg (JD 75)

Professor and Director of Externship Programs at GGU Law, Susan is an alumna, a renowned public defender, and a trailblazer of clinical legal education as we know it today. As a professor and leader of externships and special programs at GGU Law, Susan has mentored generations of students. She has created countless opportunities across a wide variety of specialized areas of law for students to both learn and practice throughout their education.


GGU has a long history of focusing on practical training that not only improves students' understanding of legal concepts but also prepares them to be effective and ethical lawyers. By applying classroom knowledge to real world problems, students achieve a deeper understanding of, and proficiency in the practice of law.

Building on the strong foundation of the Honors Lawyering Program, GGU wants to ensure that all law students graduate with hands-on experience that includes both simulation courses as well as live client experiences. For example, we initiated the Summer Trial and Evidence Program (1st STEP), which integrates evidence, advocacy and presentation skills into a comprehensive program for students who have competed their first year.

With your help, we will continue to develop opportunities for student practice including greater student participation in moot court and mock trial competitions and a similar program to 1st STEP with a Business Law focus. In order to learn lawyering skills most effectively, students must rehearse. Along with program development, state of the art facilities -- skills practice rooms, training courtrooms, a signature Moot Courtroom -- will provide ideal learning environments, making Golden Gate University the law school of choice for students seeking to live and practice in the vibrant and beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

It is imperative that we expand and strengthen these programs to keep GGU law students relevant in the legal community. With your help, these programs and spaces can become a reality and take GGU Law into the future.

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A private swearing-in ceremony held in June and December for GGU Law's February and July bar passers.

December Ceremony
Tuesday, December 9, 4:30 pm
US District Courthouse, Ceremonial Courtroom, 450 Golden Gate Ave, 19th Floor, San Francisco