Degree Programs: Joint Degrees

Why choose between two degrees? You can earn both at the same time.

Joint JD/MBA Program

At Golden Gate, you can earn both JD and MBA degrees simultaneously. After your first year of law school, you apply to the MBA program at Golden Gate University and normally do not need to take the GMAT or GRE. The combined program begins after your first year of law school.

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Phone: 415-442-6630.

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Golden Gate and Palo Alto University (PAU) in Palo Alto offer a joint JD/PhD program in Law and Clinical Psychology.

The combined program has three major purposes:
  1. Train attorneys who can read sophisticated social science research;
  2. Educate highly trained attorney-psychologists who can contribute to the advancement of forensic psychology;
  3. Produce attorney-psychologists who can participate in the development of mental health policy in the legislature and the courts.
After being admitted to both schools, you follow a seven-year course of study to achieve both degrees:


Year 1
Classes at Golden Gate University Only
Year 2
Classes at PAU Only
Years 3 - 4
Classes at Both Schools; Then Graduate from Golden Gate University
Years 5 - 6
Classes at PAU and Dissertation
Year 7
Clinical Psychology Internship

The PGSP program is accredited by the American Psychological Association. Graduates of the program are eligible to take the bar exam and to be licensed as psychologists.

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Palo Alto University
Phone: 650-843-3419 or 800-818-6136

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