Where theory meets practice: GGU Law's interdisciplinary focus on legal study emphasizes practical skills training and experiential learning.  Students gain vital practical training through our diverse externships, award-winning on-site legal clinics, and other unique programs.



San FranciscoThe Litigation Center presents its Summer Trial and Evidence Program, a full immersion of students in the study of trail advocacy, presentation, and evidence.  In this comprehensive litigation program, students work to master the rules of evidence through the direct application of practical trial skills.  Students partake in case study exercises, arguing motions, and preparing for and conducting full trials.  Throughout the eight-week program, students continue to hone and sharpen their basic trail skills until it becomes second nature.

1st Step Courses (9 units):

  • Evidence (4 units)
  • Trial Advocacy (3 units)
  • Evidence in the Courtroom -- a unique GGU Litigation Center course (2 units)

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